Rent'n'Share offers you a flexible and simple mobility solution: your car with unlimited mileage, no pre-defined contract duration and an attractive all-inclusive package at a fixed monthly price. Benefit from all the advantages of owning a car without having to buy one.


No risk. No hidden costs. No worries.


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your advantages


Rent'n'Share gives you the opportunity to have a car at your doorstep and use it as if it were your own - without having to buy it. You additionally want to share it with other people? That is no problem either.


Rent'n'Share offers different vehicle categories: from dynamic compact cars to comfortable family vans. What all cars have in common: they come fully equipped with a navigation device, parking sensors and good results in safety tests. Carefree driving pleasure - guaranteed. 



cost control

fixed Price without surprises

Do you know all the costs concering your car? We want to make sure you have all cost under control. That's why you pay a fixed monthly price for your car. And that price includes everything except fuel and parking. Don't worry about any hidden expenses that you suddenly need to cover. Guaranteed.



All-inclusive Package

simply get in and drive off

Register your car? Take out insurance? Organize a car service? Don't worry, we take care of everything: insurance, service costs, summer and winter tyres, repairs, 24-hour customer service - everything is already included in your monthly costs.

high flexibility

tailored to your needs

Drive a SUV in winter and a convertible in summer?  And hand over the car in an uncomplicated way, if you go abroad for a longer period of time and don't need it anymore? Rent'n'Share makes that very easy. After a minimum term of 6 months you have the right to cancel your contract monthly, if you don't need a car anymore. Or you can easily exchange it if you want to drive a different model.


share your car without risk

You want to share your car with others when you don't need it yourself? No problem at all - with our sharing solution. The more you share your car, the lower your monthly costs. You also help to reduce the number of cars in traffic. Of course, the all-inclusive package also applies to sharing. So you don't have to worry if your car gets damaged by your siblings or friends.

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